Property for sale in Yalova & Yalova real estate: Until 1995 Yalova was a district in Istanbul it then became a province in its own right, it’s a beautiful city located in the Marmara region of Anatolia with many green and agricultural areas and is known for its hot springs. These thermal springs have been in use since at least Roman times and are located 12 km (8 miles) southwest of Yalova, the temperature of the waters is around 57-60 C with a pH level of 6.88 – 7.48 the waters contain sulphur, calcium and sodium, it can be drunk and is known to have therapeutic benefits for an assortment of ailments. These wonderful spas have open and covered pools, Turkish baths were you can relax and rejuvenate your aching muscles whilst having a massage, even an underwater massage is available and so it’s said drinking the water aids digestive problems. It’s no wonder property for sale in Yalova is sought after with all this and more on your doorstep. The infrastructure is very well developed the road links are excellent between Yalova, Istanbul and Bursa and with a regular ferry service to makes all areas easily accessible with all this and more Yalova property has much to offer.

Owning An Apartment/Villa in Yalova 

Owning a property in Yalova is ideal for a holiday home an investment property or if you’re lucky enough to work there. It’s a wonderful area that combines city life with all the benefits of being in lush green surroundings close to a beautiful beach and picturesque parks. There is plenty to do with many historical sights in the centre of Yalova ranging from the State of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire that will make sightseeing a pleasure and one more than any other stands out as a favourite its Yuruyen Kosk and it was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was the founder of the modern Turkish Republic summer house. It’s been described as tranquil and beautiful with peaceful surroundings by many visitors and the history of the house is indeed fascinating with an enchanting story of an old sycamore tree that was to be removed because it was causing damage to the nearby mansion, Ataturk was upset this beautiful old tree was to be chopped down so instead of the tree being removed he said the mansion should be moved 5 metres away, therefore, the mansion is known as “the walking mansion” and the great man himself said that the woods of Yalova should be “conserved sensitively” Properties in Yalova have everything you could wish for as well as a beautiful coastline a short distance from the city centre you can relax on the beach and take in the rays, let your shoulders drop and relax.

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Yalova 

Yalova property for sale really is worth considering to invest in if your looking for a city lifestyle but don’t fancy the huge cities like Istanbul, it is where many people have a summer house to escape the hectic lifestyle of a bustling city. As fabulous as Istanbul is Yalova offers far more and ticks all the boxes you could be looking for in a holiday home or permanent residence. What is it your looking for? An apartment or house there are plenty to choose from whether it be in a small complex just outside of the city close to the beaches or slap bang in the centre right in the heart of everything. There are some fabulous complexes a mere 14km from the city centre with stunning views of the beach were the complex facilities can offer a whole range of amenities from wellness and spa centres, hairdressers, Zen gardens, tennis courts, basketball courts, even a children’s nursery. There are beautifully landscaped gardens to walk in and admire the flora and fauna and sit to simply read a book. If you didn’t want to you wouldn’t need to leave these complexes they are very well equipped with wonderful restaurants and cafes, clothes boutiques, shops, banks, bakeries and a pharmacy, are Yalova properties on your wish list? If not they should be!

The Attraction of Buying Property in Yalova 

Flights to Yalova are via Istanbul Sabiha Gocken Airport (SAW) which means the flights are very frequent from all major international airports. The transfer time is just 90 minutes to the centre of Yalova, transfers to your home are made very easy with shuttle transfers, private car hire and taxi. Owning Yalova real estate means you can visit your holiday home often taking extended holidays and long weekend breaks. Increasingly we are seeing visitors to Yalova preferring to stay in a rented apartment or house rather than booking into a hotel, hotels are very nice as we know but a hotel room tends to be cramped whereas an apartment or house gives freedom of movement, lots more space and the all important privacy we all crave. This is very good news for the investor and holiday home owner who gains excellent rental returns on their properties by renting them out, real estate in Yalova makes for a great investment. Shopping is highly recommended with a great range of high-end trendy boutiques and for a quiet night why not visit the local cinema or just sit with a chilled glass of wine in one of many superb bars.

There are many other attractions to see in Yalova there are the most stunning parks with breathtaking scenery and one, in particular, is Dipsiz Gol, you have to steer through some very narrow roads in the heart of the countryside and through a few small villages but you arrive in the most magnificent natural beauty spot and it’s well worth it. Then we come to the majestic Erikli Waterfalls it’s an area of outstanding beauty and it’s worth noting a guided tour is advisable as you need to travel up the narrow mountain roads to reach it. Once arrived you will walk through a lush green forest and its a bit of a climb but once there the views of the Marmara Sea are well worth the journey.The stunning waterfall is a delightful sight and there are small ponds ideal for the children to cool off. As already mentioned the wonderful thermal waters offer relief to the stresses and strains of everyday life and an added extra is the local villagers sell fresh berries, fruit juices and an array of organic products to take away with you. The forests fresh water from the springs are said to re-energise you and give you a sense of wellbeing it certainly is worth going to view real estate in Yalova for sale.

Eating out in Yalova is a fantastic experience and as you can imagine the choice is fabulous, everything from traditional local Turkish dishes to kebabs and koftes. Then we have Italian, French, European, and Arabic, steakhouses, fresh local fish and barbeque eateries, I can promise you won’t go hungry! Cafes adorn the sidewalk and at the beach where you can enjoy a Turkish coffee and delicious Turkish delight.

What more can you ask for an area that has everything you could possibly want? Once you invest in real estate for sale in Yalova it will give you a luxury lifestyle that will you want to go back to time and time again I can guarantee it!

What Do Properties Cost To Buy In Yalova

There are an array of lovely villages and small towns to choose from, Villas cost from £100,000 GBP, apartments start from £45,000 GBP and a typical house will cost from £120,000 GBP. It’s just a case of you visiting Yalova too see which is perfect for you, your family and friends.

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