Turkey “the Only Logical Choice” for Expats According to SpotBlue

Posted on 02 November 2008

According to AXA, the current state of the nation will see up to 500,000 Britons flee the UK in 2008, with a survey from HSBC revealing that Britain is now not even considered a good place to live by people from other countries. So it seems that the UK is set to suffer considerably from the disastrous state of the economy, and from the government’s attempts to solve the significant financial problems that Great Britain is facing.

Added to these predictions and survey findings are the bare facts that one person is being declared bankrupt or insolvent in the UK every five minutes, over 100 properties are being repossessed in Britain each day, and average household debt has reached £9,500 as the personal economic situation of Britons worsens.

Reacting directly to these worrying facts, Julian Walker, Managing Director of Turkish property specialists Spot Blue, has spoken out about the choices that Britons realistically now have to face. In a recent interview, Walker explained that in his opinion there is only one logical choice for British citizens who want to escape the winter of discontent that’s fast enveloping the entire nation:

“Britain’s economy is severely stretched and we have to accept that the fiscal landscape of our nation will never be the same again. It’s the real people who are being affected by the sorry state of the economy, and as every person in this country knows, we haven’t even begun to see the final repercussions of the crisis yet. As billions of pounds have been wiped off the stock markets and banks around the world teeter on the brink of bankruptcy, it’s the pensioners and soon-to-be-retirees who are going to be most radically affected in these very tough times. The value of pensions are being decimated, and as inflation has been edging upwards in Britain, the real cost of living for those in, or about to enter retirement is becoming worryingly ever more expensive.

“If people want to escape the UK meltdown and enjoy a comfortable and prosperous future, they increasingly realise that Britain is not the nation for them in retirement – and in our opinion at Spot Blue, Turkey is one of the few logical choices for those seeking the perfect balance of lifestyle and financial advantages. In Turkey, British retirees are made to feel welcome by the local people from the very first day of their new life abroad – and with HSBC offering over 18%pa on deposits, Britons will immediately see the value of living in Turkey in terms of the more positive state of their bank balance.

“With low property prices and the cost of day-to-day living in Turkey is a fraction of what it is in the UK – from council tax to heating bills, Turkey is significantly cheaper. The climate in Turkey’s southern coastal regions is also much warmer and sunnier than the British climate, which means that people spend far more time outdoors and engaged in outdoor activities, which is better in terms of health benefits.”

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