Weather in Turkey vs weather in England

Posted on 08 December 2008

The weather in Turkey is traditionally thought of as being predominately hot – but just how good is the weather in Turkey?  Let’s look at the facts.  The month with the lowest average temperature is January with the mercury falling to 59 Fahrenheit.  Compare that with an average temperature in England for the same month of 34 Fahrenheit.  Where would you rather be!

It is no great surprise that throughout the year the weather in Turkey is warmer than England but just how hot does it get?  The two hottest months for both countries is July and August.  The average temperature in Turkey for those months reaches 95 Fahrenheit while England touches a lowly 75 Fahrenheit. 


If we are discussing the weather in Turkey compared with England we should include some rainfall figures.  Let’s take the wettest month in England, October, and see how Turkey fare’s in the same month.  Turkey receives 2 inches of rainfall in October while England see’s 3 inches.  Not a great deal of difference in rainfall but when you consider the average temperature for the same month is 80 Fahrenheit in Turkey and 44 Fahrenheit in England, October makes for a great month to be in Turkey!



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