Credit crunch – are cheap holidays to Turkey the answer?

Posted on 14 January 2009

Travel to Turkey is set to increase in 2009 by 30%.  Turkey has for years been a very popular holiday destination with steady tourism growth year on year.  So why should 2009 see such a big increase in Turkey travel?

The credit crunch effecting the world at present has forced people to look for a cheaper destination for their holidays.  Turkey was always represented great value for money and with the current decline of the Euro there is no better time for holiday’s to turkey.

Turkey Travel offers a culturally rich holiday.  Turkey’s history goes back 25, 000 years with some of the earliest human communities there.  Turkey also boasts 8, 400 km of coastline with the glorious beach resorts that sit on the Mediterranean and Aegean sea’s.

Any traveller heading to Turkey may wish to do some research.  The Ministry of Culture & Tourism is the perfect starting point with everything you could need to know about travel to Turkey.  Another good site for reference is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with consular information and lots of other pertinent points of reference.

So for a credit crunch busting holiday look no further than Turkey.  You are guaranteed sunshine, cultural diversity, great food all for fantastic value.

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