Altinkum Marina Completed and Open for Business

Posted on 17 April 2009

The long awaited £33.6 million Altinkum Marina opens today, and it is expected to change the face of Turkey‘s Aegean coastline at Didim.

Encompassing 287,000 square metres of land and a lot more sea, the marina is certainly an impressive feat; comparable to all the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s celebrity studded marina projects, but it has been completed without half the fuss.

The marina will also change the face of the Altinkum’s property market, not least because of its impressive array of amenities, facilities and conveniences designed to attract rich and famous yachters from around the world, including: helipads, a high end shopping mall and space to moor over 1000 yachts in the sun-drenched Aegean sea.

On top of the revenue generated from the construction of the Marina since last October, the marina will undoubtedly now become a massive revenue generator for Altinkum, and will really put Didim on the map, and the radar of international property investors once and for all.

The revenues from the Marina will also generate rising demand for housing from locals within the area, which will give investors a sound exit strategy, if they ever want to sell that is. The Marina will make Altinkum, already a hotbed of activity from British holidaymakers and lifestyle buyers, an even more attractive prospect to lifestyle buyers and holiday makers from Britain and around the world.

The fact that the Marina is completed and open for business will immediately start to drive the value of local properties upward. The shrewdest investors will have already bought, anyone who hasn’t would be advised to do so quickly.

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