TAV Plans to Increase Turkey Tourism Accessibility – Fingers Crossed for Gazipasa Airport

Posted on 02 July 2009

I just came across an interesting interview with TAV President and CEO Dr Sani Sener on He said that this year the company will be striving to attract Quantas and Cathy Pacific into their airport in Istanbul.

Obviously the plan is to open the Gazipasa airpot at Antalya this year also, because he said they are hoping to attract Ryanair, Hamburg International and German Wings to fly routes to the airport. He also said that Antalya is one of the “best tourism destinations in Turkey“, and that he felt the airport is “ideal for the Russian’s and Irish”.

TAV is currently operating 4 airports in Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Gazipasa, which it is currently trying to expand the number of routes they carry as part of a larger expansion that will see the company opening new airports in Tunisia and Georgia.

The first step for the Gazipasa airport of course is to successfully open it. The airport has been built since 1999 but has not operated one flight. According to TAV all that will change this summer, time will tell.

If it does open, possible routes being mentioned include: Moscow, St Petersburg, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels and Munich. Antalya is very much an upcoming tourism destination, and capacity may now be sufficient to start attracting some of the airlines to come and operate from Gazipasa.

There is also a large German/British expatriate community in nearby Alanya, who would undoubtedly make good use of an airport a lot closer than they currently enjoy. Fingers crossed…


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