SunExpress Airline Launches New Route to Turkey

Posted on 14 August 2009

From tomorrow SunExpress the joint airline venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa will be running a new flight route linking the two Aegean shores in the city of Izmir in Turkey to Athens in Greece with two flights per day.

Speaking at the inaugural flight into Athens on Tuesday, Paul Schwaiger, managing director of SunExpress said:

“Cultural, tourist and commercial relations between Turkey and Greece are being fed from a well-established history of many years. We are extremely excited to mark a milestone and become the first airline to connect the two shores of the Aegean with our non-stop flights after nearly two decades.

“We are thankful to the Athens Airport’s chief executive and his team for their warm welcome. With their great support, we aim to foster existing business and tourism potential between the two cities by offering our 20 years of experience and market expertise.”

The new flights are yet more good news for Turkey, because they are a standing testament to the rising popularity of Turkish destinations.

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