Turkish Foreign Minister to EU: We Kept Our Side, Keep Yours & Assess Our Bid

Posted on 05 September 2009

The Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has urged his European Union counterparts to accelerate the process of re-examining his country’s bid for full membership, and to not let the Cyprus issue stall it any further.

Davutoğlu said that his country is currently amidst a period of unparalled reform aimed at meeting the EU’s requirements, and urged EU ministers to stick to their part of the bargain and assess the bid.

The statements appeared in an opinion article in Swedish national Dagens Nyheter today. The fact that today is also the second day of an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Stockholm is no coincidence I am sure.

Turkey is one of the world’s fastest emerging markets. So much so that it is often mentioned in the same breath as the BRIC countries, Brazil Russia India and China becoming BRICET with the addition of Eastern Europe and Turkey. It would therefore be almost as beneficial to the EU to have Turkey as a member as vice-versa — in fact some say more so.

However, Turkey’s EU membership application has met with stiff opposition, perhaps most vocally from France because the Muslim regime has different judicial policies and a different way of life to what is usually found within Europe.

This is what Davutoğlu was referring to when he mentioned reforms. If Turkey can satisfy its critics that it has done everything necessary to become a full member, it will be a massive boost for the Turkish economy and property market: increased exports, cheaper imports, increasing tourism and much more.

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