Saudi Arabian Minister Meets with Turkish President – likely to Discuss Increasing Trade

Posted on 30 October 2009

Turkish President Abdullah Gül received Saudi Arabia’s minister of state in Ankara on Friday.

Gül and Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nezar Obeid Medani had a closed-door meeting at the Çankaya Presidential Palace. This is in return for a visit to Saudi Arabia by Gül in February.

Relations between the two countries — mutual respect, dialogue, joint history and cultural values says Gül – have been building now for several years.

Trade between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is currently in the region of $5.5billion, according to the Turkish President speaking at the meeting in February. At the time he also said that the plan is to increase trade between the two nations to $13billion by 2010.

Plans to increase trade will no doubt be one of the things discussed at the “closed door” meeting today. But the closed door suggests that the pair will also be discussing more delicate matters, such as the current tension between Turkey and Israel.

Turkey property is very popular among Saudi Arabian lifestyle buyers and investors. We will certainly be watching very closely to see what kind of measures are proposed to increase trade between the two nations, and what, if any effect this will have on potentially increasing the popularity of Turkey as a destination for Saudi Arabian property buyers.

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