Turkey Embraced by West – Revered by East… Best of Both Worlds?

Posted on 24 December 2009

Turkey is proudly taking its place as one of the key markets in the world we are all rebuilding after the catastrophic crash of the last 18 months.

Today it officially launched its bid to host Euro 2016, where it will compete with the likes of France and Italy to host one of Europe’s biggest sporting events. This comes just days after the process of Turkey‘s accession into the EU regained some momentum; with EU officials agreeing that it was time to open a new chapter in the negotiations.

Analysts are pointing out that this progress is hardly coincidental given the ties that Turkey is forming with Middle East players including Syria.

The EU wants to play a role in world affairs including Middle Eastern peace and as Turkey continues to grow in influence it becomes more and more clear that it could play a far bigger role with Turkey in the fold.

Current Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government will surely go down in history as one of the best examples ever of a country playing to its diversity and strengths, to gain international prowess and to get what it wants and needs to drive Turkey forward.

Turkey is a Muslim country with as chequered a past as any of its Middle Eastern neighbours, it has displayed a sufficiently firm grasp of western values to be embraced by the west, whilst retaining enough of its Muslim standing to be embraced by the Middle East as well.

The fact that Turkey is growing into one of the World’s fastest growing economies, with among the largest tourism, means that Middle East states like Syria want to befriend, benefit and learn from it. This in turn makes Turkey an even more vital partner for those in the west, thus Turkey gets the best from both worlds.

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