Turkey and Brazil Agree Strategic Alliance

Posted on 05 January 2010

Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has announced a new strategic partnership with Brazil. Speaking with his Brazilian counterpart Davutoğlu said: “I believe that Turkey-Brazil relations would make major contributions to global and regional peace,” Davutoğlu said adding that Turkey and Brazil had no political or economic problems between each other.

He said that Turkey-Brazil relations had improved significantly over the last years in both regional as well as global issues.

Davutoğlu added that Turkey and Brazil would now work together in the UN Security Council, while Brazil made significant contributions to the Alliance of Civilizations project. Davutoğlu also highlighted that the two countries share the same stance on many global issues including climate change and nuclear armaments.

The visiting Brazilian foreign minister said on his part that Turkey played a major role in the world, and was a significant actor in the Middle East, which is an issue Brazil is very concerned about.

One can’t fail to see the significance of this alliance between arguably two of the world’s future economic giants.

This is just the latest in a stream of Turkish alliances, all of which will undoubtedly boost growth in the Turkish economy in years to come. It is only the main story of many big stories involving Turkey in the press over the last couple of days. Another story quotes a Turkish minister as saying that the Turkish government is ‘eager’ to sign a new deal with the International Monetary Fund. This ties in with our predictions that if a deal was to be reached at all it would happen in the first quarter of this year.

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