New Marina at Cesme to Meet Twin Aims for Turkish Tourism

Posted on 17 February 2010

Turkey is keen to muscle in on the lucrative Mediterranean yacht tourism market with the announcement of a new 400-Berth Marina at Cesme, which follows the recently opened Altinkum marina, to become the latest in what is becoming a line of new multi-million pound marinas on the countries Mediterranean coastline.

I have read that the ultimate aim of this is to up Turkey’s share of the market from its current 5% to 10%, and while this is true it is also part of another, larger aim: the Turkish tourism governance is currently trying to up its game; to attract a higher class of tourist, now that growth in the low-budget package segment is practically taking care of itself.

If there is one thing you know about yacht owners it is that they aren’t short-of-a-bob-or-two and definitely come under the heading of a higher class of tourist.

However, the articles I have read on this subject have suggested that Turkey’s being outside the euro-zone — which has already boosted tourism growth and numerous other things – would help it to become a top destination for yachting tourism. But this is a bit of a contradiction in terms.

We need to focus on what can really help Turkey become one of the top yachting tourism destinations, which is the same thing that helped and is helping it become one of the top mainstream tourism destinations, and that is the beauty of the countryside, the cleanliness of the beach and warm ocean waters on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, and the friendliness of the people – being a cheap destination can only get you so far, and Turkey has already come so much farther than that point.

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