Didim Marina One Year On, Well… Nearly

Posted on 24 March 2010

In April last year the Didim Marina opened, the largest marina on the Aegean and a spectacular addition to the Didim tourism package.

Didim marina, which covers 287,000 square metres of land and god only knows how much sea, is part of the Turkish tourism ministries strategy of trying to increase the net worth of Turkish tourists; to increase revenues from tourism.

The marina also has helipads, a high end shopping mall and space to moor over 1000 yachts in the sun-drenched Aegean sea, all of which makes it very attractive to the wealthy.

The marina has also increased the popularity of Didim property; who wouldn’t want a home next to such a magnificent marina as that of Didim.

According to figures released recently by the Didim tourism authority, some 80% of the estimated 67,000 tourists to Altinkum and Wider Didim last year were British. At the time, chairman of the authority Dennis Attaby said:

“The majority were British. The rest were German, French, Dutch and a small number of Russians. “We will continue encouraging investments that will increase the number of tourists who visit the resort. Two more 5-star hotels and a golf course will open in 2011.”

The most widely accepted explanation for this is the strength of the euro against the British pound compared to the weaker lira, which made Brits come to Turkey for the annual holiday, then Didim because it has among the lowest living costs and therefore holiday costs in Turkey. However, the potential that at least some of these bought because of the new luxury Didim marina cannot be ruled out.

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