Facebook becoming as Important to Online Businesses as Google?

Posted on 19 March 2010

It cannot be denied Facebook is becoming a phenomenon of global proportions. So much so that it received coverage on ITV’s tonight show, in a documentary called “Facing up to Facebook”, on the show they said that 3/4 of all the British population is on Facebook, and that people are spending an average of 7 and a half hours per week on the site.

Little wonder then that Facebook received more traffic last week than the world’s leading website and search engine Google, and also little wonder that more and more businesses are trying to leverage Facebook’s userbase to promote their brands and their products.

We are no stranger to Facebook, our Director David Walker saw its potential way back in 2008. Because he was one of the early adopters of Facebook’s use for business, certainly within the overseas property industry, David was able to grab the vanity URL

Needless to say, with most overseas property companies now making an appearance on Facebook — in one form or another and in varying degrees –, that this is now a highly sought after URL — you could say that David, and Spot Blue are now the OverseasProperty channel of Facebook, well, we could anyway, and with 4,600 friends and counting like so could a lot of others.

Join us on Facebook, we now also have a Spot Blue fan page with 1400 fans, and an International Property for sale  group with over 3000 members.

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