Kalkan Property has a Lot to Offer

Posted on 18 March 2010

It is a commonly heard term in the world of property, a rich history, but when it comes to Kalkan it is really true. Kalkan is known (I didn’t say well known, but this will be covered later), for its Lycian ruins, Lcyia of course being the first federation state in human history.

It gives a huge hint into the biggest selling point of Kalkan property, that those ruins are so prominent a part of the town’s tourism pull.

Surrounding Kalkan proper are large swathes of undeveloped land, and the town itself, a former fishing village is known for its peace, quiet and serenity. I mention the lack of development only because now that Spain has shown the world the damage over development can do, in Kalkan the authorities will obviously take the opportunity to keep development to a minimum, which will keep Kalkan property prices rising and obviously be a draw for buying property in Kalkan.

Of course the fact that it has 300 days of sunshine (on average) per year and a gorgeous coastline to the Mediterranean is hardly a negative.

Speaking of the Mediterranean coastline, Spot Blue are currently marketing some gorgeous properties for sale in Kalkan, with a particularly nice 4 bedroom villa right on the coast priced at just £215,000. The ultimate luxury villa has a private pool, private gardens, air-conditioning, a garage and comes fully furnished.

Just a little bit back from the coast, 15 minutes to be precise comes another 4 bedroom villa. This time a brand-new feat of modern architecture, with sea-views on all levels, a private infinity pool, off road parking and all modern appliances will set you back a cool £495,000.

For those with a more modest budget, a lovely furnished 2 bedroom apartment 15 mins from the coast, with communal gardens and swimming pool is available, also through Spot Blue for just £129,000.


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