Side Turkey is the Ultimate Seaside Resort Town

Posted on 17 April 2010

It is a commonly held believe that Antalya is one of Turkey‘s most popular tourism resort locations, and surely one of Turkey‘s most beautiful Mediterranean coastal regions. Within Antalya the town of Side (pronounced seeday) is one of the most beautiful towns, in Antalya, but also in Turkey as well.

Coastal towns like Side are always the favourites with tourists. But to equate it, we Brits must look at Blackpool, Skegness and Withernsea. Now, they are all perfectly lovely places, but they have nothing much more going for them than the beach, and the usual generic museums etc. What’s more, anyone who holidays in any of those places regularly will have wasted a good few days in doors avoiding the rain.

Side is a totally different kettle of fish. Throughout the town there are real live ruins dating back to Alexander the Great in the Seventh Century Before Christ, and throughout the Roman occupation. The best thing is that the weather is warm most of the year, so you can really get out and enjoy all those ruins.

There is of course a beach, that will easily rival any of those mentioned above and a lovely harbour (Side is a former fishing village). The town centre has geared up in recent years, and there are now many shops with something for all the family, and many new fancy restaurants to compliment the quaint bistro-like cafes to be found on the side-streets.

All in all Side is just lovely, and it is easy to see why Side property Turkey is so popular with foreign buyers from around the world — find yours now >>>

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