Side Property Turkey Has it All

Posted on 11 April 2010

When it comes to buying overseas property, most people are now clued up what to look for in a destination. Side property Turkey is fast becoming a favourite, because it has all these things.

The reason why most buyers today are so clued up in what a destination should have, is because of how many people came severely unstuck buying property in a location that they would subsequently end up regretting for one or more reasons.

The things people are looking for in a destination are:

Lengthy seasons of the correct weather – and no off-season isolation:

Be it ski or sun destinations, the longer the season the better. Many people are also looking at the potential for all year round rental markets.

Whatever the season and its length, people have been advised to look at what their chosen destination is like off season. Many people have bought properties to rent out, and use it themselves off season, and come unstuck when they found out there wasn’t even a shop open to get a pint of milk off season.

Close to airport and beach/slopes

Getting on a flight can be tiring enough. The last thing many potential guests want to do is drive for hours to get to their accommodation. Therefore, buying within a half hour of the airport will increase the pool of potential renters. Equally buying close to the beach (or the slopes for ski property) will also widen the pool, because of the people specifically looking for properties close to the beach/slopes.

Plenty of Dining Options

When we’re on holiday, it is a fact that we eat out far more often than we do at home. Therefore, having plenty of choice in dining options is a massive benefit to a holiday property. Shops are also beneficial.

Things to See and Do

This one is obvious. People need to have things to do when they go on holiday.

Side Has it All

Side property Turkey is a rising star in the world of overseas property, because it has all these things in abundance and more. Side, on the Mediterranean is warm almost all year round. The nearest airport is 55km at Antalya. There are dozens of restaurants, from small cafes to large restaurants. As for things to do Side is literally steeped in history dating back to Alexander the Great, which means it has loads of lovely ruins to explore. That is of course on top of the beaches, and the harbour, which offers charter boat and fishing trips.

Spot Blue are currently marketing a development of 4 bedroom villas in a raised development 800 meters inland, at prices below £200k. The villas have fitted kitchens, air-conditioning, marble floors and balconies with views of the swimming pool and the mountains. Unsurprisingly there are only 4 villas left on the small development, which has off-street parking, and a communal swimming pool.

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