Turkey Continues to Strengthen Medical Tourism Package

Posted on 08 July 2010

The 15 percent year-on-year growth for the Anadolu Medical Center announced at a press conference in Istanbul last week shows Turkey is still on track to become a hub for international health tourism.

According to a spokesperson the growth can be put down to a combination of competitive prices, cutting edge technology and excellent patient care,  following the announcement of

The Anadolu Medical Center, or “Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi,” is an Johns Hopkins Medicine affiliated private hospital on the Asian side of Istanbul. John Hopkins Medicine being widely regarded as the United States’ top overall hospital.

Harris Benny, the chief executive of Johns Hopkins Medicine International was keen to emphasize the partnership’s future potential.

“Global healthcare is on the rise, especially in Asia and Latin America. The goal of this partnership is to elevate healthcare. Anadolu Medical Center is becoming a center for medical excellence,” Benny said.

The demand for Turkish healthcare is currently high, as many U.S. citizens come to Turkey and pay less, according to Dr. Hasan Kuş, general director of the center.

Kuş gave the example of a Canadian citizen who was faced with a cost of $90,000 for a coronary heart bypass. The Canadian chose to pay a quarter of that by flying to Turkey and being treated at the Anadolu Medical Center, Kuş said.

This is fantastic news for the Turkish tourism industry, property market and general economy as a whole. Turkey has, is and will continue to see massive growth from the low budget package tourism sector, but more recently it has sought to supplement and subsequently supersede this with tourism from higher income visitors.

The Marinas that have been and are being built are part of this aim, and so we will also see continued improvements to the healthcare system, with the twin aim of meeting EU criteria and increasing medical tourism at the same time.

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