Turkey Sees Strong Growth in Plastic Surgery Tourism

Posted on 20 July 2010

Turkey is making huge leaps toward in the aim of becoming one of the top destinations for plastic surgery tourism. According to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Orhan Murat Özdemir, the country is now tussling to become one of the top 5 destinations for the sector in Europe, and all largely because of policies implemented by the government over the last 10 years.

Medical tourism tends to be the foray of the financially well-off — or at least comfortable –, which is exactly the type of tourists that the Turkish government and tourism authorities, not only want to see more of, but have been actively focussed on trying to attract. This is because low-budget package tourism growth is pretty much fuelling itself now based on increasing availability, accessibility, supply and word of mouth.

The government’s efforts to increase Turkey‘s exposure to higher net worth tourists is with things like opening up new multi-million pound marinas in some of the country’s top coastal resort towns like Altinkum as well as supporting niche tourism areas like medical and plastic surgery tourism.

Turkey certainly has a powerful package to entice those looking at destinations to go and have plastic surgery don, not least the low pier: according to Özdemir, a nose remodelling costs just 2,500 Euros – 3000 Euros in Turkey, whereas the same procedure costs upwards of 12,000 Euros. Of course, price isn’t the only consideration when going under the knife; thank fully Turkey was recently ranked 4th in Europe in terms of the number of facilities and the standards of quality.

All those involved in the foreign side of the property market will certainly be hoping that medical tourism can continue to grow. This is because, people coming for surgeries etc will often want to avoid hotels etc, in favour of privately rented villas, where they can stay out of the way and in peace and quiet, allowing them to recuperate fully at their own pace.

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