Olu Deniz Lagoon: Beauty you have to See to Believe

Posted on 02 July 2010

Olu Deniz Lagoon is one of the most beautiful paradise spots in the entire world.

Take a second to appreciate that sentence. In today’s world companies like Spot Blue can easily fall into the rut of stating nothing for fear of come-backs, and turn “is” into “is widely regarded as” and will” into “could” or “has the potential to” but we state the world-beating paradise of the Olu Deniz Lagoon in complete certainty.

This is not just based on our own feelings, which could easily be called biased, but on the many travellers magazines and the survey’s thereof that have named Olu Deniz as one of the top 10 or even the top 5 most beautiful places on earth. It is also based on the fact that Olu Deniz is one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean.

You won’t come across much Olu Deniz property for sale, and none by the lagoon. This is because the lagoon is a national nature reserve and building is strictly prohibited. This makes property nearby towns like Fethiye and Dalaman all the more popular as a result.

The final string to Olu Deniz’s bow is the fact that it backs on to the Babadag mountains. A mixture of the height of the mountains and the gorgeous views of the lagoon, seas and beaches below makes the resort a paragliding paradise as well.

You really have to see it to believe it and when you do you’ll want to stay or go back as often as possible. If you are considering an overseas property purchase, call us today for an inspection visit to one of our properties near Olu Deniz Lagoon and see the beauty for yourself.

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