Turkey Region by Region Part II: Izmir

Posted on 25 August 2010

Like Antalya, Izmir Province has some gorgeous bay-sheltered beaches, but rather than forming a bay, Izmir Province is formed by 2 bays.

Izmir is a large region on Turkey’s Aegean coastline in south west Turkey. Looking round from the south you have Kusadasi, which, like Kas is famed for its peace and quiet, as well as blue skies unhindered by tall structures, affordable luxury villas and great beaches.

Next of note is Izmir, and the back of the first bay, the narrower of the two bays, but also the deepest in terms of its cut into the mainland. Thus, the beaches in Izmir are incredibly sheltered and popular. Izmir is a very wealthy city, with a great way of life, shops and restaurants perfect for the cosmo tourist. It will soon have a marina.

Then you have Cesme on the northerly peninsula (the side of the bay), about an hour away from Izmir. Cesme has been in the news lately because the 15 million euro marina just opened, and is already attracting masses of tourists.

Izmir and Cesme to have marina’s? Yes. In fact Izmir is to become a yachting centre within Turkey. At the Cesme marina opening, Turkish transport minister Binali Yıldırım announced that the government will invest 400 million Euros on making Izmir a yachting centre, first with the expansion of the Cesme marina.

French technopark administrator Cicom is also planning to invest heavily to open another Technopark in Izmir, which will all contribute in making Izmir one of Turkey’s great regions.

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