“Unprecedented Year” Means Bags of Cheap Holidays in Turkey

Posted on 11 August 2010

The massive confluence of circumstances this year have caused a bargain bonanza of cheap holidays in Turkey. The travel industry was expecting a turnaround this year from last as the global economy was progressing into recovery, thus they ramped up their offerings.

Then we had the volcanic ash cloud, the mis-fit UK election result and emergency budget, austerity measures, BA strikes, impending public sector job cuts, all of which hampered demand in the travel industry.

According to many in the industry this has led to an upturn in late bookings, and people are booking holidays at discounts of between 20% and 40%. Those leaving it until after the holidays will get discounts of up to 60%.

Clare Banham, from the travel association Abta, said: “We have seen that a lot of people have delayed booking their holidays this year. The vast majority are still travelling, but booking closer to departure. People are getting fantastic value for money.”

The Co-Operative Travel said the biggest savings were in the eastern Mediterranean – Paphos, Crete, Zante and Turkey in particular. “We reckon the typical family holiday to these places has fallen by 13.5% on last year – that’s a £232 saving for the average family,” said a spokesman.

“Certainly the booking patterns have changed. This has been an unprecedented year for the travel industry.”

Oddly enough Turkish tourism is growing this year compared to last year. Although it isn’t odd, because figures have revealed markets like Russia and those in the Middle East making up for any lull in British travellers.

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