President Gul Visits Bosnia-Herzegovina to “Increase Ties”

Posted on 02 September 2010

Bosnia Herzegovina will likely become the next country in an announcement of increased trade and or ties with Turkey, after the Turkish President Abdullah Gul visits the country this week.

Gul told reporters that he will meet with his Bosnian counterpart and other high ranking members of the government, to discuss regional, bilateral and world affairs. And also meet with the inter-faith council. He said that he intended to encourage all segments of the Bosnian population to act in mutual understanding and cooperation in the run up to the general election October 3rd.

Gul is also to attend the Turkey-Bosnia-Herzegovina Business Forum in Sarajevo, before proceeding to the city of Mostar. Gül said that the visit will boost ties between the two countries.

During President Gül’s trip, Director General of the Anadolu Agency (AA) Dr. Hilmi Bengi and Director General of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina News Agency (FENA) Zehrudin Isakovic will sign a cooperation agreement.

Gül will also inaugurate the “AA Award Winning Photographs Exhibition” in Sarajevo and participate in a reception to mark the establishment of AA’s new office in Sarajevo.

During the last 18 months Turkey has signed agreements to increase trade and/or ties many countries including: China, India, America, Britain, Russia, Brazil, Albania, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. These included a deal to increase trade with the US by a factor of 3, and free-trade with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, and visa-free travel deals with Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Albania, Libya, Kosovo and Sudan, as well as a “strategic alliance” with Brazil.

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