Turkish Airlines Doubles Long Distance Fleet with 12 Shiny New Boeing 777s

Posted on 14 October 2010

Turkey‘s flagship airline is doubling its long-range fleet with the addition of 12 new Boeing 777 300ER aircraft. The first was delivered in a handover ceremony in Boeing headquarters in Seattle, USA.
“The extended fleet will double THY’s long-range capacity”, said THY Executive Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu, adding that 60 percent of the fleet would be comprised of Boeing planes when twelve 777-300ER planes are delivered to THY by August, 2011.

Posting profits of 389 million for 2009 made Turkish airlines one of the most successful in the industry and one must assume that this expansion in fleet size will add to that growth.

The success of Turkish airlines is a massive testament to the massive growth in Turkish tourism and in the wider Turkish economy.

In August this year we reported that Turkish air traffic had grown almost 24% compared to last year. The phenomenal growth in Turkish air travel has continued according to the latest reports, when data showed that 44.3 million passengers had passed through Turkish airports between January and June, which represented a 23.7%growth on the same period of last year. This follows the 7.3% year on year growth recorded last year (79.4million 2008 to 85.2million 2009).

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen airport was the biggest success story, with an incredible 4.86 million people passing through the airport in the same period. The increase of 93% made Sabiha Gökçen the third largest airport in Turkey

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