Turkey to Become Regional Call Centre Hub

Posted on 29 October 2010

Turkey is to become a regional call centre hub because of its young dynamic population, as well as its unique geographic location experts are predicting.

Turkey has a lot to offer global companies looking to outsource their tele-sales, tele-marketing and customer services operations to another country, Deniz Babucoglu, the Turkish manager for international telecom accessories company Jabra told reporters at the Sixth International Call Center Conference and Expo in Istanbul.

Babucoglu said that Turkey is attractive to companies looking to outsource marketing and customer relations operations, because of its high quality and inexpensive workforce, and low-cost efficient communications. He said that the sector, which has been growing at 50% annually, will employ 50,000 people by 2012.

Fields like this have long been a driver of growth in emerging markets, and are one of the main reasons why emerging markets are so quickly overtaking their developed counterparts in the charts of global economic growth. As we know from other markets, call centres can be a vital source of employment at the lower end of the scale, and this is very important to Turkey at this stage in its development.

This is on top of several other positive developments we have heard in recent weeks, like Tesco announcing that it would be continuing to expand its operations in Turkey, and a similar announcement from Ford.

We also learned yesterday that Turkish exports grew 5% year on year in September, and imports grew 25%. Turkey’s economic growth is now multi-faceted, and more importantly is generating substantial increase in consumption within the country. All this points to a very bright 5-10 years for Turkey, management during this time will determine the future after this period.

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