Does Anyone Want a Turkish House?

Posted on 14 January 2011

We are Turkish property agents, we sell Turkey property to people who are searching primarily for property in Turkey, but why does no one want a Turkish house?

When you think of a Turkish house, because you are so used to hearing about luxury villas you automatically imagine that the phrase must mean a 2 bed semi in the suburbs, miles from the coastal resorts and luxury villas and apartments. But this is not the case.

In the states they talk about their beach houses, and a house in the UK is a house wherever it may be from the streets of Derby to the beaches of Torquay and it is no different in Turkey.

In fact this is even more true. The Turkish language has its own word for what we call a house, what we call a villa and what we call an apartment, so there is bags of room for interpretation.

When we are asked about a Turkish house we know what people mean. They want a large property that is big enough for the family, which probably has a garden that is not shared, that has a rear and a front entrance, and that needn’t have French doors. As such we have plenty of houses for sale in Turkey, its just that everybody calls them villas.

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