Antalya Named One of Top 4 Tourist Destinations in World

Posted on 26 February 2011

Who would a thunk it? In 2008 the Association of British Travel Agents caused a stir in 2008, when they revealed that Dalaman  was the number one destination for British tourists.

Well, now the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has revealed that Antalya is now one of the 4 most popular destinations in the world, in fact it is ranked in fourth place, beaten only by Paris, London and Singapore.

The statements comer from Levent Demirel, the deputy director general of the Ministry, he said that Antalya is now the top tourist destination in Turkey, with Istanbul, Mugla and Cappadocia following not far behind.

“Antalya is among the 10 most-visited cities in the world, in the fourth position following Paris, London and Singapore. Paris, London and Singapore counted their own citizens in visitor numbers, but Antalya did not,” he said.

This really is big news for Turkey and Antalya. Paris and London are both capital cities, Antalya isn’t, so for it to be up there with such great cities, really shows just how far Turkey has come.

Demirel revealed the next target for Turkish tourism; to welcome 50 million visitors, and earn $50 million in tourism revenues by 2023.

According to Demirel, Turkey is currently 6th in the global tourism rankings, having grown 3% in recent years.

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