Istanbul Airport Traffic up 70% in 2010

Posted on 11 February 2011

Traffic through the Istanbul Sabiha Gocken airport grew by an incredible 70% last year compared to 2009 according to data from air traffic data collation website Anna.Aero. Even more incredibly this growth saw the airport become the second fastest growing in the world, beaten only by the airport at Kaunus in Lithuania.

According to the same data traffic to airports across Turkey grew by 20.1% in 2010, making it the third fastest growing country in Europe in terms of airport traffic.

The fact that Turkish airport traffic grew strongly in 2010 comes as no surprise to those who follow the market, or even to those who follow this blog, as throughout the year Anna.Aero and other sources continually reported on traffic growth, sporadically interjected by reports of new flights and expanded route coverage.

We interviewed the Association of British Travel agents in 2009 and they told us that Spain was top dog with 11 million British visitors but stagnant, while Turkey, currently at about 2 million grows at about 20% per year.

At the tail end of last year the World Travel Market reported that visitor numbers to Turkey had grown 12% in the first nine months of 2010. And the tourism ministry reported growth of 6% in the first six months in the year.

All roads seem to be travelling in the same direction, and as more and more of us put together our own holidays online it is becoming an increasingly good idea to buy up a Turkish holiday apartment or villa before prices rise, as they almost-inevitably will.

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