Kalkan Property Still a Fantastic Buy

Posted on 04 February 2011

When it comes to Kalkan property some would argue that we have missed the boat. In the Financial Times this week we read about Liz and John Lockhart, who purchased in Kalkan 12 years ago, when they were attracted to the underdeveloped town, no homes for sale, “and not even an estate agent”. The town has seen massive growth during the Turkish tourism and property boom that began in 2005 when the country was fully opened to foreign purchases.

While the town has grown and changed a great deal, the Lockhart’s have never regretted their purchase, and said that several friends who initially regarded their off the beaten-track purchase as “crazy” bought in Kalkan within a year of their purchase.

Spot Blue is marketing the two properties covered in the Financial Times, and while they are not the cheapest in Turkey they offer fantastic value for money.

One is a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom 290sqm luxury villa in Kalkan, with private gardens and pool, fully furnished throughout and just 15 minutes from the sea for just £495,000. Some will scoff at the use of the word just there, but a villa of this supreme quality would easily be priced at £1.2 million in Spain or Italy.

Not to be outdone the other is also a 5 bedroom villa, but this time it has only 3 bathrooms but is bigger at 613sqm, also with a private pool and garden, and also just 15 minutes from the beach, all for £400k recently reduced by 50k for a quick sale.

Of course these will not appeal to everyone, but to the people currently looking at Kalkan property, these will be seen for the bargains they are.

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