Turkey FAQs Part I: What is the Capital of Turkey?

Posted on 03 February 2011

To the people who know Ankara is the capital of Turkey, similarly to those who know the answer to a question on any capital city, it beggars believe that it is something many people do not know. But indeed in this case it is, because it is one of the questions people frequently ask.

Istanbul is the city in Turkey that everyone knows about, and it is a common misconception that it is the capital city, but in fact Ankara is the Turkish capita’l.

Istanbul is the financial and cultural center of Turkey, Istanbul has the largest population, and Istanbul is the fastest growing city in Turkey. In fact, in many ways Istanbul is to Turkey and the Turkish people what London is to England and English people so it is hardly surprising that many mistake it for the Turkish capital.

Don’t get me wrong, Ankara is a vast, beautiful and impressive city, with centuries old architecture blending beautifully with modern brands as part of a growingly modern, sophisticated and growingly metropolitan city. It is almost like Turkey has two capital cities, a branding capital and a political one.

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