Delicious Turkey” says Amanda Platell, Daily Mail travel writer

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 18/02/2008
Delicious Turkey” says Amanda Platell, Daily Mail travel writer

“How often can any of us say, at the end of a break, that it was the holiday of a lifetime? How often was it a thing of beauty and endless memories, even without the happy snaps; an experience that opened our eyes and our hearts; a time when love grew stronger?”

“Well, I have just returned from such a holiday, part-pilgrimage, part-pleasure, to one of the most magnificent and under-rated countries in the world: Turkey.”

“My travelling companion was a man who has shared my life’s journey for more than 40 years, yet with whom I have not holidayed alone as an adult. Cameron, my adored brother, was in London for a lecture tour and we were to snatch a week together. But where to go?”

“…one of the most lovely al fresco settings I have ever enjoyed. The sound of laughter, glasses clinking, kids playing, the smell of spices, the feel of the warm air, it was my first taste of the real Turkey, generous, congenial, hospitable.

“Turkey has all the greatness and variety of a big country lapped by water and baked in the sun. The coastline is spectacular and the beaches, unlike so many now in Europe, quite unspoilt. In the end, we didn’t mind missing Troy as Turkey is the kind of country you know you will return to again and again.”

Abridged (Full article Daily Mail, 16 February 2008)

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