Free Legal Consultation on Turkish Property

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 14/11/2008
Free Legal Consultation on Turkish Property

Have you booked or are you going to book a property buying trip to Turkey?

If you have already booked or about to book a trip to Turkey to look at or buy a property then get legal advice about buying property in Turkey before you go. Spot Blue offers its buyers the chance to have a free consultation with a London based legal firm of leading English speaking Turkish lawyers

The property laws in Turkey are straight forward when you know how. However the law is different and not as sophisticated to the laws in the UK and in Turkey, as with other overseas markets, the unwary buyer can be mislead. In Turkey it is not a legal requirement to use a lawyer for conveyancing and many unscrupulous estate agents use this to their advantage.

Like all overseas property markets foreigners can be seen as easy targets, a few kind words from a slick talking salesman and before you know it you have signed on the bottom line. No lawyer, no advice, no protection.

As one of the leading UK based Turkish property specialists, Spot Blue has many years of experience of selling property in Turkey to UK residents and based on our knowledge and know how we make sure your property purchase is conducted correctly and protected by Turkish property laws.

We are members and approved by the leading professional bodies here in the UK, for example National Association of Estate Agents and the Association of International Property Professionals as well as professional bodies in Turkey.

For your protection Spot Blue offers all its buyers a free consultation with a reputable London based legal firm with in-house Turkish lawyers BEFORE making that important buying trip and buying decision. Call 020 8339 6036 for details.

Be SAFE not sorry – speak to Spot Blue and speak to a lawyer

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