Hilton to open 40 hotels in five years in Turkey

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 13/01/2009
Hilton to open 40 hotels in five years in Turkey

Hilton Hotels Corporation made public its new investment plan in Turkey on Tuesday. The U.S.-based company is set to open 40 new hotels in Turkey within five years as the company sees high potential in the country, according to this investment plan.

Turkey is extremely profitable for international investors, said Didier Martin, vice president responsible for the company’s international operations, adding that other Hilton brands such as “DoubleTree” are going to operate in Turkey.

“It cannot be said that we have realized these investments at a bad time. To the contrary, we believe that we have expanded in Turkey in the proper time,” said Mike Collini, Hilton’s vice president responsible for the development of northern Europe. “We will stand strong after the crisis through the realization of these projects,” Collini added.

Hilton plans to increase its investments in Turkey more than two-fold within two years, said Collini, adding that the company plans to add more than 40 hotels to its portfolio in Turkey for the upcoming five years. Hilton will launch hotel projects in cooperation with Amplio Group and Kosifler in places including Istanbul, Bursa, Kütahya, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Çorlu and Çorum, said Collini.

A new Hilton Worldwide Resort is going to be opened in cooperation with Göçay Tourism in Dalaman in 2009 as part of the company’s expansion strategy, said Patrick Fitzgibbon, Hilton’s senior vice president of development. Meanwhile, the company plans to give prominence to Hilton Garden Hill hotels as part of its expansion strategy.

Hurriyet 31 Oct 2008

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