One in five British pensioners will retire overseas by 2050

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 18/12/2008
One in five British pensioners will retire overseas by 2050

More than 3.3 million British pensioners will be living overseas by 2050, according to new research from the Institute for Public Policy Research, due to be published next week. The research sheds new light on the implications of Britain’s ageing population, an issue that Gordon Brown has put at the centre of next year’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

The report, Brits Abroad, is the first ever comprehensive assessment of the number and profile of Britons living abroad. ippr researchers have spent the last nine months collecting Census and other data from nearly 200 countries around the world and researching the experiences of Brits living in 14 countries across the globe.

ippr’s report will show that one in five pensioners will live overseas by 2050. It shows that in 1981 there were just 252,000 British pensioners living overseas but by 1991 that number had more than doubled to 594,000. By the start of 2006, there were more than one million, with one in twelve British pensioners now living abroad.

Instiitute for Public Policy Research 10 December 2006

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