Quarterly Data Shows More People Looking to Buy Turkey Property

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 24/06/2009
Quarterly Data Shows More People Looking to Buy Turkey Property

Searches for Turkey property were up 30% in the three month period ending June 22, compared to the previous three month period ending March 22, according to Turkish property specialists Spot Blue — a very promising sign, according to director Julian Walker.

“We started revealing monthly statistics at the start of this year, and they showed that the number of people looking to buy property in Turkey was climbing. Three monthly figures are generally regarded as being more accurate, and so we have compiled our latest data on that basis. A 30% climb shows that people are once again starting to look seriously at buying property in Turkey,” he said.

The number of people searching for ‘houses for sale in Turkey’ grew by 162% over the same period, and for ‘villas for sale in Turkey‘ grew by an astonishing 588%. This shows a changing trend in the way people are searching for property in Turkey, according to Walker.

“This is a testament to the rising trend of people looking to Turkey for holiday homes and lifestyle purchases, as oppose to being a destination primarily looked at by investors. Lifestyle buyers are obviously looking for a house or villa that is ready to be used, rather than off plan properties, which are the best for investment,” he said.

The figures are based on the traffic data into the Spot Blue site, which holds top positions in Google for many of the key-terms relating to Turkey and property in Turkey.

Once again it showed some interesting data in terms of the numbers of people searching for Turkey property around the world.

The biggest climber was India, with 92% more Indian’s visiting the site during the three months ending June 22 than the previous three months. Surprisingly Ireland, which is experiencing one of the worst property crashes of any country, was the second biggest climber with 49% more Irish people looking for Turkish property. The UK grew 22% in terms of people looking for Turkey property during the same period.

Source Spot Blue

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