Temple of Athens found in Bodrum in Turkey

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 09/09/2008
Temple of Athens found in Bodrum in Turkey

The Temple of Athens, along with the 3,000 year old sacred road (measuring four and a half meters in with and two kilometers in length) of the ancient city of Padesa have been found in Bodrum, Mugla, reported Dogan news agency.

Working at the Pedasa Plateau in the Konacik area since last year, excavation team leader, Adnan Diler from Mugla University’s Archaeology Department, said the team had reached the complex’s temple and sanctuaries. The excavations are a collaboration between the Konacik Municipality and the Bodrum Museum.

After the team concentrated on areas around the sacred road and the guard post that protected the temple, the uncovered artifacts are being kept under protection at the Konacik Digging House.

Italian merchants and archaeologists uncovered the ruins of several graves in the region between 1919 and 1921. However, these findings were viciously plundered by smugglers at a later time, said Diler: “Still, nature managed to protect the ruins of the city which spread out over a 40,000 square meter area, the temple and the sanctuary. Findings that we have found so far have given us important clues about life in the ancient city of Padesa, which was a key trade center, and the Temple of Athens.” He also said a long-term project was being devised to help uncover further artifacts in the area. The involved parties plan to invite visitors and archaeology students to come and take part in uncovering the ancient city.

Diler said the revenue generated through visitors to the site would help fund not only the ongoing project, but would also be a source of income for local residents. The significance of the project is in both reviving the 3,000 year old city and in protecting it from further looting. “The temple, sanctuary and sacred road are of critical importance. From next May forth, we will organize sightseeing tours for European historians, archaeology students and tourists,” said Diler.

September 9, 2008 BODRUM – Turkish Daily News

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