Turkey: Alanya Airport Welcomes Borajet, Potentially Boosting Property Market

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 14/07/2010
Turkey: Alanya Airport Welcomes Borajet, Potentially Boosting Property Market

The first official domestic flight into and out of the Alanya Gazipasa airport is big news for the Alanya property market, according to Turkish property specialists Spot Blue

Director of the firm Julian Walker said “This is the latest in a succession of stories that have made it near certain that the Alanya airport will soon be serving international passengers, much to the benefit of the Alanya property market. These flights are only domestic but they are still important in Gazipasa Airport’s long and controversial history. These flights from Istanbul are on sale with Borajet and represent the definitive end to that controversy – the airport is now definitively open”.

“Perhaps the most important thing about the flights is they have built trust in the airport operators TAV, who have kept their promises regarding the airport’s opening schedule. We can now say with relative certainty the only reason international flights aren’t serving the airport yet is because of the restricted size of airplanes that the airport can take, it can be safely assumed international flights will be rolled out next year once the runway extensions are completed.

“In the short term we can look forward to increased accessibility in the form of connecting flights and in the long term we can look forward to international airlines following Borajet into the airport when the runways can take larger aircraft. Who knows, we may even see some flights from short-haul destinations in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Egypt. Flights from cities in any one of these countries could easily benefit the Alanya property market.”

”Alanya is currently home to the largest population of British expats in Turkey, but has largely missed out on the tourism fuelled holiday home investment mini-boom seen in other destinations” said Walker. “This is generally considered to be because of the distance from Antalya Airport, now that Alanya’s airport is well on the way to serving international flights, Alanya’s property market should get its day in the sun of the overseas property market demand”.

Source : Spot Blue

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