Turkey, Egypt, Florida Top At Holiday Charts

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 02/06/2008
Turkey, Egypt, Florida Top At Holiday Charts

Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Florida are top of the holiday charts this summer.

As the weakness of the pound and dollar against the Euro continues to grab the headlines in the financial press, its impact on the ground can be seen in this summers holiday bookings, with greater numbers of British travellers opting to head further afield to holiday abroad in the emerging overseas property markets of Turkey, Egypt and bargain basement Florida. When you consider that the pound has fallen by over 17% against the Euro since last summer, can you really blame people for looking elsewhere and what does it signal for the future of European travel?

It appears that traditional British hot spots such as Greece and Spain are being replaced by their more exotic counterparts Morocco, Egypt and Turkey where the pound offers greater value for money. However, the weakness of the pound against the Euro over the last couple of years might go some way to explain how these fairly non-existent tourist destinations have somehow appeared from nowhere to take such a prominent position in the world of international property, and are fast becoming property hotspots in their own right.

Travel Gazette News – Ozgur Tore – 27 May 2008 (Abridged)

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