“Turkey poised to become a major global economy”

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 19/01/2010
“Turkey poised to become a major global economy”

Zafer Caglayan, Turkey’s State Minister for Foreign Trade, has voiced Turkey’s determination to apply free market principles to international trade.

Speaking to reporters following a meeting with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Chairman Victor K. Fung in Ankara, Caglayan said global trade has gone through restructuring due to the global financial crisis.

Recalling that Turkey is one of the 13 economies that enjoyed an upgrade in their credit rating, the minister said the country is seen as one of the prominent players of the future that will leave their mark on the global economy. “Turkey is poised to become one of the centers with regard to a healthy free market condition”, he added.

ICC Chairman Fung noted the importance of protecting free market conditions while markets struggle to improve. Stating that trade is the driving force behind the global economy, he said countries should strive to maintain a healthy trade system. He added that Turkey, as a member of the G-20, could contribute to this process.

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