Turkey will host golfÂ’s European Challenge Tour 2010

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 27/07/2009
Turkey will host golf’s European Challenge Tour 2010

After 11 years, European Challenge Tour will be played in Turkey again. Nearly 200 professional players contend with competition every year in Challenge Tour. At the end of the year, first 20 players in general classification has the right to play the following year in European Tour (Main Tour). During 2010, including Turkey Challenge Tour will be played in 22 countries all thru the world and the total award distributed will be nearly 6 million Euro.

Carya Golf Club , established in 2008 ,Belek signed an agreement with European Challenge Tour for the first tournament in 26- 29 of April 2010 . For this tournament 3 professional Turkish Golfers and also the first five amateur golfers in Turkey will be able to struggle in this Tour .European Challenge Tour will be an important advantage and experience for Turkish professional and amateur golfer.

17 July 2009 – Turkish Golf Federation

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