Turkish business world welcomes new stimulus package

Posted on 14 February 2011

Date: 08/06/2009
Turkish business world welcomes new stimulus package

The business world welcomed an incentive package, which was announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday, with excitement. Businessmen said that Turkey, which has been indirectly affected by the crisis as the consequence of a spillover effect, should manage to free itself from the grip of the global economic meltdown.

The latest stimulus measures will be a great help toward this and will encourage foreign interests to invest in Turkey.

“The fiscal aspect is definitely important for the business world, but the motivational aspect is also equally important. The package is a very significant step in terms of the morale boost it will give to the markets,” he noted.

Turkey will be the first to be rescued from the crisis

The president of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Murat Yalçintas, described the package as “extremely coherent and inspiring.” The new package will inspire confidence and improve morale in the domestic markets, he noted and went on: “As we used to say before, Turkey will be the first country to be rescued from the crisis in its region and will have the chance to turn the crisis into an opportunity.” The president of the Young Businessmen’s Association of Turkey, Hazim Sesli, assessed the package as a very positive and appropriate step in overcoming the hurdles of the crisis. He said the package will help remove the obstacles in the path of multinational corporations who want to invest in Turkey.

The Istanbul Chamber of Industry chairman, Tanil Küçük, also applauded the government in its bold step to fuel the markets. Still, there must be a set of new and stronger measures, Küçük said and added: “There is support for the investment infrastructure but we were hoping that these incentives would also cover capital provisions to private sector companies, as well,” he said.

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