Antalya Property has it All

Posted on 02 June 2011

Regular readers of this blog will have heard us talking about Antalya the holiday destination, where people buy holiday homes and rent them out to tourists when not in use. But this is only a fraction of the city’s potential.

It is true; Antalya is one of Turkey‘s top tourist destinations, and its powerful package makes it a favourite with holiday home investors and buyers:

Accessibility: Antalya has one of Turkey‘s best served international airports giving easy, cheap and regular access from the UK, throughout Europe and the world.

A great climate: affording 300 days of sunshine per year, and often warm not hot temperatures.

Great beaches

And plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and amenities

But it is in that last point where we are again inadvertently selling Antalya short. Antalya is the fourth largest city in Turkey. As a result of this the city has a huge population, which is growing rapidly in number and affluence. This not only means that saying it has plenty of shops and amenities is a massive understatement, but opens up a whole new world of property investment potential.

For a start those looking at Antalya property needn’t limit themselves to holiday lets, Antalya has a strong residential rental market, and because of its low prices this makes for a potentially lucrative buy to let investment.

But the massive growth in the city is continually increasing the rental pool and occupancy rates of holiday properties in the coastal resorts. It also provides a very reliable exit strategy for holiday home investors, because as the population grows in affluence it will open up a second home market in the coastal resorts. The same goes for growing cities throughout Turkey, as affluence leads to them buying holiday properties on the coast.

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