Turkish Airport Traffic Strong and Growing Stronger

Posted on 29 July 2011, the airport statistics collation website has just published data the performance of all European airports in 2010, as well as their growth in 2011, and the figures for several Turkish airports are nothing short of incredible.

The figures for Antalya international airport stand out in particular. Some 21.99 million passengers passed through the airport in 2010, which is almost as much as the 28.48 million recorded for all Swedish airports, more than the 19.69 million recorded for Vienna airport, more than the 21.5 million recorded for Copenhagen, and more than the 21.11 million recorded for Palma de Mallorca. On top of that traffic through the airport has been growing at an average of 18.95% per month through January-June, with the biggest growth in April at 43.7%.

Antalya is good because you don’t really hear much data about airports outside Istanbul, speaking of which, if Antalya’s performance is impressive, the Istanbul airports performance is nothing short of incredible. Using the data on the other airports above, Ataturk‘s 32 million passengers puts it well above the likes of Vienna and Copenhagen, and more even than Barcelona with 29 million, although growth has slowed to average 11.45% per month in the first six months of the year.

Though Istanbul Sabiha Gocken’s 11.129 million is still relatively small, with growth averaging 21.84% per month it won’t be small for long.

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