Turkey’s income per capita increases to top 10

Posted on 18 July 2011

18 July 2011 – According to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit report, Turkey now has an income per capita of over 10,000 USD making it the 6th highest country in the world where the population exceeds 70 million inhabitants. The report indicates Turkey isnow  in the same league as Germany, US and Russia.

Commenting on the Economist Intelligence Unit report, Mr Zafer Caglayan, (the new Minister of Economics for Turkey) said “Having experienced a 8.9 percent overall growth rate in 2010, Turkey also enjoyed the highest per capita increase in the league of populous countries with high per capita income” adding “Turkey owes this success to its strong economic performance in 2010,”. Mr Caglayan also pointed out “2010 data also show that Turkey is second only to Japan in terms of industrial production increase”

Source: Invest in Turkey

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