Gazipasa Airport to Offer “Large Array” of 2012 Flights

Posted on 27 January 2012

We have the latest from Gazipasa airport in Alanya, and while it unfortunately contains no news of direct UK flights, we can tell you that the airport is set to bring online a much wider array of flights in 2012.

Our contact, Murat Sen, a spokesperson for airport operators TAV told us that “quite large array of carriers from Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Russia and the Ukraine are applying for flights in 2012”, adding:

“Amazingly though the UK carriers do not look so interested despite the enormous population of UK citizen/expats around the vicinity.”

As is typical in the British culture, the Brit airlines will likely wait and see how these early adopters fair, especially how much indirect British traffic they fly into Alanya before taking the plunge themselves. Brits can already fly to Gazipasa via the Netherlands or Germany according to Sen, and the possibilities for indirect flights will increase as the airport’s range of flights does.

“[Brits wanting to fly to Gazipasa] should check frequently with their local agents and / or major tour operators’ web sites such as Corendon, Thomas Cook, OGER Tours, Neckermann, TUI and such. They will most likely get a bargain flight deal,” he said.

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