Izmir Port to Benefit from Expansion Plus New Cruise Marina

Posted on 07 April 2012

Izmir port is to be rehabilitated and revitalotation”>55d-e5b0-d74a-27b68=” “=”” span=””>128b48″ class=”textannotation”>9777c6246cfa” class=”textann<sss=”textannotation”>pan id=”urn:enhancement-9ebc1726-138d-55f2-2c90-480e6cd78cae” class=”textannotation”>otatio</sn”>ised by the state railway authority in an effort to increase its capacity and revenue. In a statement re“”>4-e036-f1dd-0e4e1ead67b1″ class=”textannotation”>tion”>leased this week the authority >”textannotation”>extannotation”>said thpan id=” urn:enhancement-c99051c4-d234-b531-518b-e5d73586476e=”” span=””>” class=”textannotation”>b136″ class=”textannotation”>at because of a lengthy privatisation process, the port has lacked in881a347d0d2″ class=”textannotation”>d179-d7e1-549d-d611-11694722adbc” class=”textann</span>otation“>v<=”urn:enhancement-6a1b5266-bf0e-125a-7270-64b1998f5403″ class=”textannotation disambiguated wl-thing” itemid=””>span id=”urn:enhancement-5105be2d-91e2-f239-57cf-b7c0f78d8eb7″ class=”textannotation”>estmspan>ent for some time.c7ba5975-0d79-aa52-96f3-26361bafced4″ class=”textannotation”3358-76cb-2f0a-f72a8177ca3a” class=”textannotation”>>i<span< span=””> id=</span<>”urn:enhancement-5a2bdc3a-d990-c44e-6913-13c859cecbb7″ class=”textannotation”>on”>n>p>

The privatisae2-7565-0986-be3ab1232bf4″ clas<<spa< span=””>n id=”urn:enhancement</spa<>-6345bf40-337c-a2e1-a3c8-f6f057adea9d” class=”textannotation”>span id=”urn:enhancement-9b81dcb1-a671-48d5-c0fe-310591da97db” class=”textannotation”>s=”textannotation”>tion process, which is being overseen by Turkey’s Privatization Administration (ÖİB) is to convert the port to a mixed passenger/freigt port, and also to cover the construction of the new cruise marina for the province according to the railway authority statement.

Construction planation”>-f977-e452-60f452c99c22″ class=”textannotation”>rotannotation”>ng></p>

f90d” class=”textannotation”>ormal”>Under the new project the authority will construct two piers, which, between them will be able to service five big passenger ships simultaneously, before the ÖİB goes out to tender for the construction of an İzmir cruise marina. The rehabilitation project also aims for large, Panamax-type cargo carriers to dock at the freight port.


the ÖİB goes out to tender for the construction of an İzmir cruise port.

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