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Göcek used to be a small village and started to get known when a group of artists cruised along the Turquoise coast, later to be called “Blue Voyage”. It was known as “Kalimche” during ancient times. The myth says that Icarus fell into the sea when he tried to fly away from where he was imprisoned. During the Ottoman Era chromium was extracted in mines nearby and loaded onto ships in the harbour.

Set at the north-west end of the Gulf of Fethiye, Göcek is blessed with magnificent scenery. Backed by majestic mountains, dense pine forests and it looks out over the Twelve Islands, which provide shelter for Göceks almost circular bay that has made the village such an ideal natural harbor. Lured by such perfection, the yachting community has long made Göcek a favourite with its marinas and active yacht club, which organises regattas and social events.

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