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You have made your mind up, you have deliberated long enough and its time to take action. Its time to make the bold move regarding buying a property abroad. However, the choices can be mind-blowing of where to buy. Whether you’re buying for a holiday home or as a pure investment, it’s imperative to choose the right country. Thousands buy abroad every year and Turkey comes out top time and time again as the most popular destination to buy your holiday home or investment property. Why? I hear you say, well that’s a very easy question to answer, quite simply, Turkish property or to be more specific Turkish apartments offer outstanding value for money, with exceptional rental returns.
It’s true to say since 2002 British investors and holiday home buyers have been the dominant group who have purchased in Turkey. However, within recent years more and more foreigners apart from the Brits have finally realised what a great country Turkey is to invest in. The current interest for apartments for sale in Turkey has never been more apparent or in demand.

Buying an apartment is a great starter holiday home, apartments in Turkey offer this and much more. Where else can you buy a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex on a complex with a communal pool? Oh! And stunning sea views and excellent on site facilities, with a private beach I may add, all for £39,950? And if that’s not enough these particular apartments are close to Bodrum. It sounds too good to be true but it’s a reality, an affordable reality and it can be yours, it doesn’t have to break the bank to be the owner of your very own stunning apartment in Turkey. You can enjoy unlimited holidays whenever you choose and long weekend breaks in the hot Turkish sunshine, absolute bliss! All you need to do is to choose which resort you fancy most. These apartments are ideal for everyone, they offer quality of lifestyle and instead of the annual headache of where to visit that year, all you have to do is book your flights and essentially you’re going home to lazy days to relax and enjoy! They all tend to be fairly close to major airports so the travelling times are kept to a minimum. To reach your resort it’s a case of a shuttle transfer, taxi or bus, all made very easy, you can pre book online if you wish. The favourite resorts are Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya areas.

Many owners decide to rent out their holiday homes when they are not using them. This offers an income that can be used for example on the upkeep of their holiday homes or investment properties. It’s a great way of making sure your investment is working for you. When you begin to look for an apartment in Turkey for sale you need to consider the options available. Do you want to choose a key ready apartment? Maybe a resale or possibly opt for an off plan project. Off plan sometimes offer payment plans and this could appeal to you. Depending on the developer if you choose to pay all at once you can sometimes acquire the property a little cheaper.

There are so many options to choose from, studio apartments one, two, three bedroom apartments up to 4 bedroom duplexes. Do you want privacy? Then opt for a small block of apartments, these blocks may or may not have a communal pool. However if your close to the beach, do you need a pool? Then there are the larger complexes usually with a large communal pool, terraces for sunbathing and possibly other amenities like a café bar, games room and a gym. The choices are endless; all you need to consider is which will appeal more to you and your family. What are the amenities you would like close by? Generally you will always find supermarkets, local markets, banks and a Pharmacy close by. Consider how close you would like restaurants, cafés and bars to you. If you want the all important views and let’s face it most of us do, then an apartment for sale in Turkey will sometimes cost a little more.

How far from the beach for example do you want to be? We would always recommend you visit the resort you wish to buy in. Take a good look around and make sure this is the area for you. Once you have established your preferred location its time to view your portfolio of holiday homes. Location is paramount really; you can opt for peaceful, quiet and laid back resorts, to the more lively with everything on your doorstep. Getting around locally is always easy in Turkey. The local bus service is called a Dolmus and they stop anywhere for you. This is a very inexpensive way of either getting around your own resort or visiting others. There is of course the local taxi service also.

Apartments in Turkey for sale offer fantastic value for money, not least because they are comparably much cheaper than much of the rest of Europe – or the world for that matter. This is what we see in Turkish apartments – good quality at lower prices. But quality is definitely in the eye of the beholder so you should always see a property before you buy.
Turkey is currently one of the most talked about emerging markets in the world; because it is blisteringly hot some would say. This is good news for potential buyers because it means not only a fabulous holiday home but also it’s a great investment.
The Global Property Guide just published a very detailed report on Turkey, titled Turkey: Europe’s Best Residential Investment? This stated quite clearly based on comparisons between the prices of property in Istanbul and other European cities that Turkish property is undervalued. Owners of apartments in the country benefit from the massively strong tourism market, and regularly earn yields of between 6-9 percent.

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