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You too can own an apartment in Bodrum

Of the hot new holiday destinations, Bodrum is one of the most popular with its magical combination of a beautiful, natural location that’s also home to the world-famous white painted fishing village of Çalış.

The reason why Bodrum is so special is that it has something that many other places in Turkey don’t have, which are well located, luxury boutique properties for sale at a great value.Are you looking for an apartment in Bodrum with a beautiful sea and mountain view? We can offer you a solution. You can easily purchase one of our many apartments at attractive prices. Taking into account depreciation value, Spot Blue Properties offers you to own an apartment in Bodrum Turkey. For further information about the offered apartments please contact us.

Bodrum in Turkey

How to find apartments for sale in Bodrum

We know how difficult it is to find apartments for sale in Bodrum. Our goal is to make the process of buying and selling property in Bodrum simpler.

Bodrum is still the most popular destination for property buyers from around the world and offers something for everyone. It has a modern marina, beach resorts, bars and restaurants, boat trips, golf courses and an airport close to the city centre.

Spot Blue Properties is an agency that provides a wide selection of apartments for sale in Bodrum. We feature properties ranging from luxury villas to private apartments and penthouses with unbelievable panoramic views of the Aegean Sea at highly competitive prices.

If you are looking to buy real estate in Bodrum, or you want to sell your apartment or villa, our dedicated team of property experts can assist on a wide variety of property matters.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Bodrum?

Real estate prices in Bodrum are very varied. Depending on the location within the town, and its distance from the beach, prices for property to buy can vary greatly. Properties near the beachfront usually sell for higher amounts due to the hard-to-find views of the sea that you will be able to experience.

Apartments in Bodrum are ideal for those seeking comfortable lifestyle facilities. Here you will find apartments inside 5-star complexes offering services comparable to those you can find in hotel rooms.

Apartment prices vary from €100,000 for a basic apartment in a common neighbourhood to the hundreds of thousands for a luxury home in the city centre.

The team at Spot Blue Properties is here to make purchasing property in Bodrum easier than ever, whatever your requirements. Whether you want to buy an apartment on the beachfront, a family home with a yard, or even a large plot of land, we have what you are looking for.

We also offer a range of services that can help you get settled in and enjoy your new home as fast as possible.

Can you get residency if you buy an apartment in Bodrum?

Houses in Bodrum city, Turkey

One thing that is true for the Turkey real estate market is you can get residency and a passport if you buy an apartment in Turkey. This is mainly in tourist regions like Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Mugla and Ayvalik but it seems that there are in fact no exclusive criteria for these areas.You do need to have a certain amount of income each year coming into the country to qualify for property investment residency which means a part-time job somewhere or buying a small business and employing locals along with yourself.

Spot Blue Properties may be able to help you to obtain real estate and residency in Bodrum, Turkey. Our company offers Expert Real Estate advice to visitors and locals alike along with proper consultancy needed for obtaining immovable property and residency in Bodrum, Turkey. Get in touch today for more information.

Types of apartments for sale in Bodrum

If you are looking for property to buy in Bodrum, then Spot Blue Properties is here to help. We have gathered together a range of beautiful apartments and villas for sale within Bodrum. Our properties are for sale to international buyers wishing to invest in property in Bodrum or holidaymakers travelling in Turkey that want to buy an apartment or villa while there.

Luxury apartments

Looking for luxury apartments in Bodrum? Our range of luxury apartments for sale are constructed and designed using the best quality materials such as marble, solid wood, granite, ceramics, and chrome glasses.

National and international standards have been applied to design and construction of both external and internal spaces.

Our luxurious apartments will offer you a distinguished lifestyle with a full range of facilities – inside the apartment building. The choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, supermarkets and entertainment facilities will ensure you have easy access to all the necessities you might need.

Types of Property in Bodrum

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1-bedroom apartments

Enjoy a comfortable, stylish lifestyle in modern 1-bedroom apartments and private villas in Bodrum. All of the property includes a furnished balcony and an optional car park. The spacious kitchens are fitted with modern appliances, marble countertops and premium cabinetry.

2-bedroom apartments

At Spot Blue Real Estate, we have 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Bodrum that offer a spectacular view from their terrace or balcony of the sandy beach, blue sea and stylish white life simultaneously.

Perfect for an investment, a holiday home or a permanent abode, these apartments have great potential for income and development. It has views of the Aegean Sea and it is close to amenities.

3 -5-bedroom apartments

If you are searching for properties for sale in Bodrum, Spot Blue Properties could be right for you. We provide a wide range of properties for sale including 3-5-bedroom apartments, villas, beachfront homes and townhouses.

Our 3-5-bedroom apartments for sale in Bodrum are good additions to the investment portfolio. Offering a high quality of life for everyone, you can easily reach some of the best beaches in Turkey with your family and friends in these properties.

Contact us today to learn about the real estate opportunities available in Bodrum.

Penthouse apartments

Rising high above Bodrum peninsula overlooking the Aegean Sea, Spot Blue properties offer you penthouse apartments for sale in Bodrum, Turkey. This elegant collection of two and three-bedroom apartments offer stunning views of the sea from floor to ceiling windows. It is a luxury property where you can just walk out into your own personal terrace.

As well as this, you can enjoy the panoramic views from all three bedrooms and the entertaining area. The properties are within a few minutes’ walk from Bodrum International Airport and most amenities in Bodrum including shops, restaurants and bars.

What is Bodrum famous for?

Bodrum, Turkey is a stunning Turkish city in the Aegean Region. It is known for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches, traditional Turkish buildings and windmills everywhere.

This area is well known for its magnificent beaches and unique traditional and modern architecture. The surrounding area also offers high investment opportunities for property in Bodrum.

If you could only take one Turkish city to visit, Bodrum would be it. Combining a shining blue sea, glamorous nightlife, and spectacular history, it is an iconic site for holidays throughout the year.

If you are looking for property for sale in Bodrum, then our company is here to help. We offer an extensive range of properties including villas, apartments and beachfront properties.

Contact us today to find out more information about our bargains.

Where are the best places to live in Bodrum?

We know how important it is to find the right place to live, and we are happy to offer you a variety of different properties including studios and apartments in Bodrum’s most interesting areas.

Apart from the city centre and surrounding areas like the Yalikavaks, Gumusluk, Gumbet and Gulturkbuku district, you will find great apartments for sale in most parts of Bodrum.

The village of Babadağ is also famous for expatriate apartment owners in Bodrum. This area offers some of the most spectacular views of the Aegean Sea with its remaining natural beauty.

Looking for an apartment in Bodrum’s popular areas? Spot Blue has made it easy to find your dream home. Find a property in the famous areas of Bodrum by means of our exclusive and easy to read map showing all of Bodrum’s areas.

Interesting things to do in Bodrum

The social life is one of the significant benefits of a city like Bodrum. Here you can find a nocturnal concert or a free film show in the bay, every day but Sunday. You can go to the market and make party with the farmers; watch the waves through fish-eye cameras on boats. You can stroll in the old bazaar with all its smells and shops, perch on the wall around the ancient castle during sunset, ride down Ayazma creek on a wooden boat or visit a bird park and feed crane chicks in your spare time.

Also, around Bodrum, there are many historical places, there are many sports activities, historic places to visit and things to do. The Bodrum peninsula and its neighbour Mausoleum have the tomb of Hercules according to mythology. According to this tale, Heracles would kill the Hydra by throwing a huge rock into the entrance of the cave so he could safely enter and kill all of the remaining snakes inside.

apartments in bodrum

You can be excited to get your first Turkish tea in the gardens of Captain’s Village and watch the turtles’ nests in Dalyan. You can go to Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, and Izmir. There are not many events or places we cannot reach with public transportation. You may visit historical museums and Roman baths, walk through the city streets, and see the primaeval cities in the Mediterranean area.

What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Bodrum?

Purchase an apartment in Bodrum and discover the joys of a year-round holiday lifestyle. These development projects are ideally located, boasting direct access to turquoise, sandy beaches. The breeze from the Aegean Sea will keep you cool in summer, while the mild winter climate makes these coastal retreats ideal for camping during the colder months.

You can purchase an apartment in Bodrum and use it as your home throughout the year. This means that you would not have to pay for a hotel or flat rentals during your stay in Turkey.

The city has a vibrant social and cultural life where there are concerts, exhibitions, performances and entertainment activities that will make your holidays much more fun. Bodrum living is also very advantageous for its nightlife.

You can find almost any kind of club or parties in Bodrum. The best clubs are mostly found near the coastline along the pedestrian street, but if you enjoy peace and quiet then there are many clubs near the centre of the city too.

Blue Spot Properties offers a huge selection of high-quality properties, both apartment-type and villas, in Bodrum. All properties are available to buy or rent out. If you want an apartment with a view of the sea, look no further – Blue Spot Properties has properties that include an uninterrupted sea view from their windows.

Properties are also available within the Bodrum centre so it is only a short walk to Bodrum’s night clubs and restaurants.

Can foreigners buy an apartment in Bodrum?

Naturally, foreigners can buy an apartment in Bodrum. In the recent period, Bodrum became one of the most preferred holiday destinations for tourists and also a very popular residence for foreign citizens. There are so many reasons to choose Bodrum as your future residence and one main reason is the North Aegean climate which makes Bodrum a perfect place to enjoy your life all year round. What makes Bodrum different from other regions is that you can find seaside houses in every price range-from luxurious five-star villas to a simple two-bedroom apartment.

In Bodrum, there are many real estate companies like Spot Blue that sell apartments to foreign nationals. These foreign nationals must also be non-Turks and they have to prove that they will be living and working in the country. According to the Turkish Real Estate Law, for a total or partial sale of the property, one needs the approval of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Property tax in Bodrum

Real Estate is taxed in Turkey at several different rates depending on the region the taxes are paid and depending on whether the property was purchased as an investment or for personal use. This tax is calculated and handled by the local government.

Typically, Turkish homeowners pay a yearly property tax of 1% of their property value, but this rate could lower in Bodrum as the town aims to draw more people to live in Bodrum. This is being revised for the future and is now being changed slightly. There are also other taxes outside this, such as insurance, reserves to cover the expense of construction, and Greek tax.

Property tax in Bodrum is imposed by the local authority and set on a per-property basis. An invoice is sent at the end of each year that must be sent with the tax return.

Can I get a mortgage in Bodrum?

Legally speaking, there is no limitation on any immigrant, resident or non-resident to receive a mortgage on any property in Turkey.

There is also no limit on the form of property in consideration.

Nor is there any limit on the interest rate that may be paid, the duration of the mortgage or other terms of the mortgage.

However, this very free and simple solution to mortgages is far from fact at the moment. Only Turkey-based lending institutions (banks) will take mortgages for property in Turkey. In effect, that means that you are restricted to working with the main Turkish banks.

It is also helpful if you ask your lawyer or estate agent to refer you to a bank, as they are likely to know the peculiarities of the various banks and bank executives in the area and to be able to pick a bank that might meet well your needs.

Why choose Spot Blue to buy an Apartment in Bodrum?

Spot Blue Properties Bodrum real estate agency is a reliable partner for buying an apartment or house in Bodrum. Each property agent in Spot Blue works with carefully selected clients regarding their demands, sale prices, payment methods and the way to make the payment, handling the transaction process and so on.

Our goal is to gain clients’ trust by serving them with respect and honesty. We offer a broad range of real estate services, including sales, development, brokerage and rental.

Spot Blue Properties takes pride in providing our customers with the best properties in Bodrum. We are always happy to help in any way that we can, whether you are viewing a property, looking for a rental or about to buy your new home here. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

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Our Bodrum real estate portfolio offers the latest investment opportunities in Bodrum. Our apartments for sale are located in some of the most sought-after locations in the area. As one of Bodrum’s top real estate agency, Spot Blue Properties possess a distinct competitive advantage through its decades of experience, high profile location and trusted customer relationships.

Our website is updated daily and so that you can be able to search for your perfect Bodrum Property! Whether you are looking for luxury villas, authentic apartments or stylish beach resorts you will be sure to find the right property for your needs.

Browse through our listings of apartments in Bodrum for sale and if you would like information on any investment opportunity please do not hesitate to contact us.

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