Apartments in Marbella

Would You Like to Own an Apartment in Marbella?

Owing an apartment in Marbella is something you should be thinking about. Owning a property in such a beautiful place will fill you with such pleasure, so why not take the next step when you get the chance. Spain has a few properties that come at amazing prices, so don’t hesitate to look into this opportunity.

Open your door to the world of real estate in Marbella, Spain with Spot Blue Properties. We have a wide selection of apartments for sale and vacation rentals in Marbella. Let us help you find the property of your dreams in this beachside destination. We only have the best of Marbella properties for sale, beachfront apartments with swimming pools and stunning views. Our properties give the best location to experience Marbella and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

We are proud to have an outstanding record of achievement, with countless successful sales completed over the past few years. We know exactly what our clients need before they do; we know how to make them realise their dreams and transform them into reality. Get started today on your journey to your dream home in Marbella. Call +44 (0) 208 339 6036.

apartments in marbella

How do I buy an apartment in Marbella?

Whether you are looking for a luxury penthouse apartment, a designer villa, or a top-quality development, Spot Blue Properties has an extensive portfolio of Marbella properties for sale. For those who truly want to buy an apartment, spot blue assures you that your search ends here. A highly exclusive and prestigious real estate agency in Marbella, we know how to match the most suitable property for your needs and taste.

The process of buying an apartment in Marbella is simple and stress-free with Spot Blue Properties. Look through our selection of fantastic properties, and once you have found one that you like, get in touch via the form on each individual property page. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know about the property, along with a quote from ourselves for buying the property.

Get started today. Call +44 (0) 208 339 6036.

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Where are the best places to buy an apartment in Marbella?

Marbella properties are by far the most common option for property buyers who choose the Costa del Sol to develop or reside in. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a range of different types of Costa del Sol real estate investors, ranging from affluent or wealthy buyers seeking luxurious and beautiful mansions set high in the mountains or by the beach, to those buyers who wish to take advantage of the rental income from the increasing and “record-breaking tourist industry in Andalucia”.

If you are looking to buy a home in Marbella, you should know the perfect spot. Marbella is divided into various areas and neighbourhoods extending from San Pedro de Alcantara, west to Elviria, east, so here are some of the best places to buy: San Pedro de Alcantara, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella’s Golden Mile, La Alzambra, Las Brisas, Sierra Blanca, and La Mairena.

When it comes to deciding where to buy, you want a place that allows you the freedom to enjoy your Spanish lifestyle, and the flexibility to grow in the future. Choosing the best apartment complex for you takes careful planning and we can help here. Get in touch to discuss your options.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Marbella?

apartments in marbella

Prices tend to vary quite a bit depending on the place and size of the apartment. You can expect to pay from €200,000 for a small apartment in East Marbella – apartments are usually more affordable than elsewhere in the resort. Expensive, high-end housing in the Golden Mile area will cost over €1 million, and these prices are not exceptional. The closer apartments are to Marbella, the more luxurious and superior they will be.

If you want to buy an apartment in Marbella, whatever your budget is, our experienced team will help you find your perfect home. We have a huge database of apartments with or without private swimming pools in Marbella, in a central location with excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea. We recommend that you visit our website and contact us as soon as possible because many of the properties we sell are sold in less than 24 hours.

Types of apartments for sale in Marbella

Marbella is a well-known tourist city located on Spain’s southern coast. Here you’ll find the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Sierra Blanca Mountains. Different types of apartments for sale in Marbella are available through Spot Blue Properties. If you’re interested in purchasing a beach-side villa or penthouse apartment, contact us today.

1-bedroom apartments

Looking for a one-bedroom apartment for sale in Marbella? Spot Blue Properties have hundreds of one-bedroom apartments in Marbella to choose from.

Through our investment division, we have a diverse portfolio of properties such as 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Marbella and luxury villas in the most sought-after destinations across Europe. We invite you to browse through the various regions of Spain, France and Portugal offering architecture, resorts, tourism and stunning coastal living as we know it.

2-bedroom apartments

The Spot Blue Properties offer 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Marbella. These stunning 2-bedroom properties are ideal for holiday lettings, but also provide a great option as a permanent home. They offer double glazing, air conditioning and heating, plus many other modern amenities.

Some apartments feature open plan living rooms and kitchens with built-in appliances as well as large bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms with wall showers. Their locations make them ideally located for those looking to rent out their property during the winter months or to use it as a second home in retirement.

3–5-bedroom apartments

Searching for 3-5-bedroom apartments for sale in Marbella? We offer 3–5-bedroom apartments in Marbella, designed to accommodate families or groups of friends, with gated gardens, private pools and/or sea views. Located on some of the most valuable locations ins Marbella, and offering easy access to the main motorway, Puerto Banus and the marina – as well as a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

Spot Blue Properties offers you the best properties for sale in Marbella. Contact us to find out our prices and capitalization rates or discover all the properties we have available in Marbella.

Penthouse apartments

Whether you are looking for an exclusive penthouse with sea views or a minimalist apartment within walking distance of Puerto Banus and the beach, you will find it here.

We have the largest selection of apartments of prestige, penthouses, villas and Real Estate in Marbella. These penthouses are the opportunity of a lifetime in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Some come with a private pool, a stylishly decorated interior and stunning views out towards the Mediterranean, and they provide an elegant and sophisticated retreat for its owner.

To find out more about this fabulous penthouse or any other luxury villas or apartments for sale in Puerto Banus/Marbella, please contact us.

Seaside apartments

Spot Blue Properties have in our portfolio a range of seaside apartments in Marbella, just a short walk from the beach and centre of town. This development has been designed around the old town of Marbella with a leisurely stroll to the sea and 15 minutes’ walk to amenities and transport.

You will not find any other properties on the market with such an impressive address as these properties; overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and some, close to one of the island’s most exclusive beaches, Cala de Mijas.

Search for your dream home today.

Is Marbella a good place to live?

Yes, Marbella is a good place to live. It is situated in the southeast tip of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, by Gibraltar and North Africa. Marbella is increasingly becoming one of the most preferred residential and tourist destinations in Europe since it offers an amazing climate with 300 days of sun per year, a range of beaches.

Properties for sale Marbella are extremely popular given the area’s proximity to Gibraltar and North Africa, as well as the mountains which provide excellent snow sports during winter months.

Are there good restaurants in Marbella?

The Costa del Sol is home to the best restaurants in Spain and is the gourmet capital of Europe. In fact, it has over 5,000 places to eat! You’ll be meet top-class chefs as you explore your way around this popular area, and enjoy a great choice of international cuisine as well as fresh fish, paella and tapas.

However, that there are many restaurants in the city doesn’t make your decision easier. There are just so many – from those serving home-cooked cuisine where you can sample the flavours of different regions to the more sophisticated restaurants serving a variety of different international cuisines.

apartments in marbella

And although these will mainly be found on or near the coastlines, you’ll find many of them in Marbella as it is how the city has grown around the tourist industry which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Interesting events in Marbella

Marbella is a city that is full of events and activities that run throughout the whole year, from music festivals and art exhibits to demonstrations of local produce. There are also plenty of green spaces where you can go for a relaxing ride on horseback, or enjoy a meal with fresh seafood.

There are now more things to do each summer in Marbella. As the holiday season approaches, the town comes alive with events.

Málaga’s International Food & Wine Festival.

This festival is held over a large geography in a variety of towns and cities, including Antequera, Nerja, and Ronda.

Marbella Luxury Weekend.

The Marbella Festival is an initiative of the Town Council and offers tourists a rich mix of luxury and culture.

Starlite Festival.

If you’re planning a trip to Marbella this August, consider doing this. A big month-long festival with some big-name stars attracts massive crowds to Marbella.

San Bernadino Fiesta

. The festival is held in honour of their patron saint, Saint Barnabas. A tradition kept high by the tourism industry, this is a chance to experience the authentic Marbella culture by people joining in to make music, dance, eat and engage in religious procession from midday to midnight.

Ocean Club Champagne Parties.

The extended champagne parties organized at the Ocean Club are one of Marbella’s most popular activities.

Enjoy Marbella architecture

The quiet, stately streets of Marbella, Spain are home to a stunning variety of architectural styles. Ornate balconies, intricate wrought ironwork, and brightly coloured ceramic tiles adorn buildings throughout the city, defining its distinctive character. You can bring the grandeur of this Mediterranean town right into your own backyard with Marbella Central Pergola.

Whether you are looking for a modern city-development or a breathtaking walled estate with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella’s sophisticated architecture and planning consultants create an exclusive suite of high-end properties that blend the luxury lifestyle of the Mediterranean with the pleasures found in the most stylish cities around the globe.

Enjoy Marbella weather

Marbella boasts a beautiful climate of warm, sunny summers, and mild winters. While most of south-west Spain enjoys high temperatures all year round, the Costa del Sol region experiences significantly lower summer highs than the rest of the country, averaging between 25 & 30°C.

Marbella is the sunniest province in Spain and one of the sunniest cities in Europe as far as hours of sunshine per year. During peak summer months (July to August), average temperatures for Marbella are around 28 – 30 °C. Rainfall remains scarce throughout a normal year, although damp conditions are felt once in a while.

From the Costa del Sol to San Sebastian and all points in between, you’ll find countless scenic gems to explore while discovering how this slice of Europe is changing and growing just like everywhere else.

Will I pay property tax in Marbella?

Property for tax purposes is defined as all land, buildings and installations that are permanently placed on the ground. This includes homes, apartments, holiday villas, commercial properties, offices, factories or property rented out to tenants.

Wherever you buy a property in Marbella, you will be liable to pay the local property taxes. These are called IBI or Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles and depend on such factors as the location, size and facilities of the property. Landlords are liable to pay IBI for their properties also and these are included in the rent that tenants pay.

Can I get a mortgage in Marbella?

When buying real estate in the Costa del Sol or Marbella, it is normal to obtain Spanish financing. The process of obtaining a Spanish mortgage is very easy, and your mortgage broker will answer any questions you have.

Whether you are looking to buy property in Marbella or already have a house and want to obtain a mortgage for much-needed renovations, we may be able to help. We work with a network of local lenders who operate within the same legislation as UK lenders. But that is not all – they can offer much lower deposit rates and far more flexible lending criteria than UK based lenders.

Can foreigners buy an apartment in Marbella?

An apartment in Marbella can be a very profitable investment. In general, there is no restriction for foreigners to own property in Spain, as long as you meet the legal requirements and the buying process doesn’t leave any doubts that the real owner is a foreigner.

Marbella is a particularly popular choice for foreign investors looking for Spanish property. Known as the Jewel of southern Spain, it’s a bustling hub of entertainment and consists of a staggering 32 golf courses.

And with its long summer days and year-round sunshine, the town offers plenty of opportunities for recreational activities to enjoy – from watersports to hiking activities, not forgetting of course the legendary Marbella nightlife.

What are the benefits of buying an apartment in Marbella?

An apartment in Marbella can be a great investment, especially if you buy at the right time and areas. Prices can vary greatly depending on location, the cost of living and the size of the property.

As you already know, Spain is a fantastic choice for your real estate purchase. Whether you are interested in an apartment or villa, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You will have access to beaches with clear blue water, great weather throughout the year and welcoming locals with a rich culture and traditions.

apartments in marbella

Why choose Spot Blue to buy Apartment in Marbella?

If you are looking for a luxury apartment, an investment property or a family home, Spot Blue Properties has the right real estate for you. Our Marbella real estate listings span across.

We have properties available at almost all of our developments in the region, including some with a swimming pool, some with their own restaurant and others offering ocean views from their terraces.

The city of Marbella has much to offer the residential buyer and investor alike – there are lots of places to shop, eat at restaurants and partake in numerous activities both on and off the beach.

We have worked with some of the best real estate agents in Marbella to bring you a wide range of property options that all offer the chance to make money on your investment. Whether you’re looking to downsize or have enough room for the whole family, there’s a place for everyone in Marbella. Start searching your dream home today.

Browse listing of our Marbella Apartments for sale

Spot Blue is proud to present a portfolio of Marbella Apartments through our website. Whether you’re looking for a home or an investment property, we can help you find the perfect property in this luxury resort town.

Our experienced team of licensed property agents works hard to find you the best selection at the best price. Instead of showing you dozens of selected properties, we work with you to bring forward the perfect property for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our Marbella properties for sale. We have an extensive portfolio of real estate properties for sale on the Costa del Sol and only you can tell which one is perfect for you. Call us now for more information on owning a property on the Costa del Sol or contact us by email.